Fundraising Programs


Kwik Car Wash is a strong advocate of community involvement, which is why we have developed this program to help your organization reach its fundraising goals.

The Kwik Car Wash Coupon Program is designed to create a Win-Win-Win situation for all parties involved. First, the consumer receives a superior car wash as a reward for supporting your organization! Second, your organization will earn $6.50 of every $13 Gold Wash voucher sold! Third, Kwik Car Wash gains the opportunity to earn the business of future loyal customers!

Advantages of the Kwik Car Wash Coupon Fundraiser:

  • The service your organization is selling is one that most everyone wants and needs: a high quality car wash.
  • No upfront costs for your organization: just pay us for what was sold and return the unsold coupons to us.
  • Flexible: supporters can redeem their wash voucher at any time!
  • Potential to raise large sums of money quickly with no “stock” to hold.
    • Sell 250 coupons ………………. Earn $1,625!
    • Sell 500 coupons ………………. Earn $3,250!
    • Sell 1,000 coupons …………….. Earn $6,500!

 How it works:

  • Contact Kwik Car Wash Marketing Manager Megan at 303-841-6606
  • Decide the dates you would like to run your fundraising campaign.
  • Fill out the Kwik-Fundraising-Contract and decide how many car washes your group plans to sell (between 250 and 1,000).
  • Order car wash coupons two weeks prior to the start date. A printing fee of $50 will be incurred by your organization.
  • Sell car wash coupons, collecting money at time of sale. After 30 day duration, pay Kwik Car Wash $6.50 for each Gold Wash sold and return any unsold coupons. Lost or unsold car wash tickets that are not returned will be paid for by your organization at full retail value ($13).
  • Program runs Year-Round; Each organization can participate once per season.
  • Everyone NEEDS auto maintenance services, anyway. You’re not selling something that people don’t need.



SDYB-PostersKwik Car Wash is proud to introduce our new ‘Wash for a Cause’ Program to help local non-profits with their fundraising needs. We know many non-profits in the community have been affected by financial cutbacks and some are struggling to survive. Our goal with this program is to assist those organizations that are serving the community at large.

With the ‘Wash for a Cause’ program, Kwik Car Wash will open up FOUR Saturdays throughout the summer (May-Aug) to host a fundraiser for the pre-selected organizations.

All you have to do is help us spread the word in advance; make fun, colorful signs to promote your group during the event; and have at least 10 volunteers on-site to wave cars in and speak with the customers about your cause.

Just be enthusiastic, have fun with it, and let us do the dirty work! The more positive attention your group gets and the more cars you bring into the wash, the more money you will earn. Some groups even choose to vacuum/towel dry vehicles, host a bake sale/BBQ, or do a raffle for additional donations.

The week after your fundraiser, we will mail you a check for 50% of our entire wash sales from the duration of your event! For more information, please contact Megan at 303-841-6606.

To be considered for the program, please submit the following application no later than March 15th.


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